by Spencer Yeomans

News Editor

A new movement has been spreading its influence around the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, and many people aren’t entirely sure what purpose it serves. “UNW More Dudes” is a Facebook group that was created last year by Grant Cox, a sophomore mechanical engineering major. While it didn’t gain much traction initially, this last month reflected astounding growth for the group. “I just wanted to see how far it would go,” Cox said. “It was just kind of a dumb idea that appealed to me.”

At the end of last year, the group leveled off at 50 members and remained stagnant until a compelling post was added to the site in the middle of March. “Josh Anderson posted in all lowercase letters ‘men,’ and then everything just blew up,” Cox added. “That was really the genesis of UNW More Dudes as we know it now.” Within the course of three weeks, the group expanded from 50 members to 530, where it has hovered for the past several weeks.

The purpose and politics

The purpose of UNW More Dudes is to add every dude on campus to the group. Cox said, “Once we reach that goal, the next is to add President Cureton, the final dude.”

“Once we reach that goal, the next is to add President Cureton, the final dude.”

Male professors and other male faculty members are invited to join in on the fun, though they aren’t the primary individuals being targeted. UNW More Dudes has even started to become a self-contained government, creating a ‘constidudetion’ that members of the group are asked to adhere to. The primary goal listed in the constidudetion is the adding of more dudes to the group. Also listed are acceptable forms of greeting, rules regarding facial hair and the encouragement of dumb humor.

“There have been some calls for King Grant Cox, which I have respectfully declined,” Cox said. “I want to pass the responsibility on to someone else at some point and keep it a dudemocrocy. I’d like to create a cabinet at some point too, and every other dude has equal standing with others acting as their representatives.”

While a political hierarchy is being set up within the group, there is no intention of it becoming a major force within student government. Cox continued, “In the constidudetion, it’s stated that the group is not to be used for any self-promotion for on-campus governmental positions. It just isn’t the way of the dude.”

UNW More Ladies

The sudden popularity of UNW More Dudes sparked the beginning of a new group on campus: UNW More Ladies. Mallory Willett, a freshman health sciences and Spanish major, is the leader of this group. She said, “The group started as a way to join together as ladies and have a space for lady-type activities as we weren’t welcomed into other, more discriminatory groups.”

Cox pushed for the start of the group, hoping that one day dudes and ladies could come together for group activities to facilitate community building.

Despite not having any official purpose, other than adding more dudes and ladies to their respective Facebook groups, these two movements are seeking to enhance the overall quality of the school. Community building is the motivation behind much of what is done, and Willett concluded, “We’re just here to be friends and have some fun, and I think we are doing a pretty killer job.”

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