by Clare Zuspann

The air around campus grows colder, the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, the leaves begin to change into beautiful colors and the students of the University of Northwestern—St. Paul know that it is time for the Hartill Harvest Bash.

The Hartill Harvest Bash is an event that started just last year. The event was formerly known as the Hartill Hoedown, which was more of a dance and was for couples—Hartill girls would ask boys to the dance and tickets needed to be purchased for the event. The staff of Hartill decided that they wanted to open the event to the whole campus—this is when the name and formatting of the event changed. The first Hartill Harvest Bash had a turnout of around 200 students.

Hartill resident Anna Elliott said “the Hartill Harvest Bash is always so much fun! It was probably my favorite event last school year.”

Hartill Resident Director, Carrie McCann, the Assistant Resident Director and other Assistant Residents of Hartill spend a large amount of time every year on the planning and preparing for all Hartill events. McCann does most of the planning for the event, and then the resident assistants all come together to make it happen. Everyone who is involved in the event planning comes together to brainstorm ideas and decide whether or not they should add or get rid of parts of the event from past years.

McCann said, “Students typically come for the food, but enjoy the games and pumpkin painting. We are really excited to do a sack race tournament this year. We are taking something ridiculous and funny to watch and making it competitive.”

This year the Hartill Harvest Bash had a fall carnival theme. There were carnival games that had live goldfish as prizes (or Goldfish crackers for those who felt that a live goldfish would be too much responsibility).

Sabrina Willette, Resident Assistant of Hartill Phileo Four said, “My favorite part is probably the fact that we give out live goldfish as prizes for one of the games! I think that’s hilarious.”

The Hartill Harvest Bash also had a craft station where students were able to paint mini pumpkins to bring back to their dorms or houses for autumn decorations. There was a photo booth available for students to use fully equipped with tons of fun fall props. There was also a pie-eating contest.

Kaitlyn Hoenstein, resident assistant of Hartill Selah Four, said “my favorite part is the free pie!” The event was filled with delicious free food like hot dogs, pie, popcorn, apple cider and hot chocolate.

Although the Hartill Harvest Bash is no longer called the Hartill Hoedown and is no longer mainly a dance, the Hartill staff has the hope that in the future the Harvest Hartill Bash will have dancing along with all of the other activities available.

Willette said, “It’s a great opportunity to interact with other people and enjoy all the things people love about fall.”

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