Shanay Gonder

Gonder was awarded 1st Team All-Conference in 2015.

Year: Junior
Major: Public Relations
Position: Middle Hitter
Number: 11

Q: What sport would you play if you didn’t play volleyball?
A: My dad played professional basketball in many countries, so I would probably play basketball.

Q: What’s your pre-game song that gets you pumped up?
A: “Uncomfortable” by Andy Mineo, otherwise rap or house music gets me pumped.

Q: Do you have any pre-game superstitions or rituals?
A: As a team, we sing this song called “You are Exalted,” and we do this song before every game to remember who we are playing for.

Q: Do you have any sports-related horror stories? What has been your most embarrassing moment in your athletic career?
A: During a college volleyball game, I jumped up to swat the ball and as I was swinging, I completely missed and the ball hit me directly in the face.

Q: What professional athlete do you admire and why?
A: I admire Serena Williams because she is very feminine and strong at the same time and she looks very fashionable while she plays.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do besides your sport?
A: I am extremely passionate about being healthy. I will make fresh food and work out as often as I can. I am also interested in going to art museums and listening to different styles of music.

Q: If you could be part of another clique on campus, what group would you choose and why?
A: I would be a part of the FORCE clique because there are tons of great people in there and I am fascinated by different cultures.

Q: What would you change about UNW if you could?
A: The meal plan stipulation – the quality of food needs to increase and meal plans need to differ by preference because some people do not eat as much food as others or vice-versa.

Q: What is your favorite childhood toy?
A: When I was young, I had this Barbie karaoke machine. I still have withdrawals from not being able to sing with it anymore.

Q: Finish these sentences: “Behind my back people say…” “People are surprised when they hear…”
A: Behind my back people say, “That that girl eats a lot of fruit.” People are surprised when they hear that I’m from Australia and that I lived there until I was ten years old.


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