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College students living the American dream

The American dream affects many American’s goals and aspirations. According the, the American dream is, “A life of personal happiness and material comfort as traditionally sought by individuals in the U.S.” For a long time, the American dream has been owning a home with a white picket fence, two cars and having a happy marriage with two kids.

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Demystifying Disabilities Awareness Week

“All colleges have to have someone to deal with disabilities,” said David Golias, directory of disabilities services (DOSS) and CAPS. “Here at Northwestern we believe biblically all are equal and should have equal opportunity to have higher education and we will do what we can to provide reasonable accommodations for students.”

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Students give insight to mental health

From November 6-10 the CAPSS and DOSS offices at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul hosted disability awareness week. During Northwestern’s Tuesday chapel, four panelists addressed the student body. Zachary Field, biblical and theological studies, philosophy and biology major, Hannah Becker, intercultural studies major, Alison Van Den Bussche, junior elementary education major, and Brooklyn Plagge, junior social studies education major, shared about their experience with mental health.

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Students tell of experiences with DOSS on campus

Senior communication major Katelyn Wilderdyke said, “The thoroughness and authentic care they [DOSS] have shown me has absolutely blown me away. DOSS has come alongside me and advocated for me when I have not been able to advocate for myself.”

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Unfolding the history of Nazareth Hall

Why is Nazareth Hall the way it is? It is possible this question has come to students’ minds while they are traipsing around the complicated hallways and uneven staircases, finding themselves in strange places they have never been before, or looking up at sculptures of men in the sides of the building

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