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Rob Briggle

*Knock knock knock* “Mai-tenence” is a common sound heard at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Whether there is a clogged drain, a broken screen, a burner that won’t turn on or wasps that keep getting into the room, before breaking down into a fit of tears and panic, slowly reach for the computer and type in a request for a hero to come save the day.

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Department heads tell about life outside of the office

Fun fact: the Department of Music and Theater chairman went to a school that had a lake full of alligators.
Fun fact: the Biblical and Theological Studies Department chairman has adopted three dogs from the humane society and rides motorcycles.
Fun fact: the Department of Communication chairman has been chased by a moose.

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Got money questions? Financial aid can help

by Heidi Anderson The financial aid office of University of Northwestern — St. Paul exists to help students and parents who have questions about money in school. According to Minnesota Private College Council’s data, the average tuition for private universities and colleges for the 2017-2018 school year is about $40,000. Northwestern’s tuition for this academic […]

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‘I’m not doing it for the money’- every college student ever

Hand in suit takes out dollar

“I am choosing to be an athletic trainer because of my love for sports and helping others,” said sophomore kinesiology major, Kendra Brush. “I want to help athletes achieve their goals by helping prevent injuries and by getting the athlete back to their sport as soon as possible if they are injured.”

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The role of money in the life of a Christian

Money tree

  by Brianna Lindahl It is nearly impossible to live without money, even for a day. Eating costs money. Driving costs money. Activities and necessities cost money. How are Christians supposed to live a world that is consumed with money? According to Hannah Blahnik, director of financial aid at the University of Northwestern – St. […]

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