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Matt Moore first alum to become head football coach

Coach Moore

The University of Northwestern – St. Paul board of directors promoted the Eagles’ football defensive coordinator Matt Moore to head coach in April of 2017, and the 2017-2018 football season is now officially underway under his leadership.

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Drumming up excitement for homecoming

As the Eagles took the field on Saturday afternoon, some of their biggest supporters were right there with them, making music on the sidelines.

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Showcasing talent and dedication

Musical Ensembles

Every year at homecoming, the music department gets its moment to shine during Showcase, a concert put on by the Northwestern Choir, symphonic band and orchestra.

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Rules you might not know at Northwestern

Picture of old UNW handbooks

Some of the rules found in the student handbook surprise even the students who have been attending the University of Northwestern – St. Paul for four years or more. Most students who were interviewed acknowledged that they have not read the student handbook.

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DCC shapes Christian community at UNW

Jarod Cornelious

The Declaration of Christian Community, also known as the DCC or the DOCC, incites a variety of opinions from students on campus. The DCC is nothing new at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, but students still criticize the standards that it holds.

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