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When you choose to say ‘I do’ at UNW

We spend our entire lives up until this point dreaming about weddings. Dreaming of what our own wedding will look like. Dreaming of our future partner in crime. We dream about where and when our wedding will be. In Nazareth Hall, throughout the year, many wedding dreams come true.

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Learn Northwestern’s unspoken rules

If you are an incoming freshman, or anyone around campus, there are some things you need to know before you engage in social interactions with other students. These rules are not in any handbook, no one will tell you them, you must simply learn.

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How well do you know chapel rules?

Chapel is one of the most highly debated rules at the University of Northwestern—St. Paul. It is often talked about due to the mandatory requirement that all students attend a certain number each quad. The rules of chapel have changed slightly throughout the year.

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Officer Roos rolls out to keep campus safe

Rick Roos, a Public Safety Officer at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, attended college at Northwestern in 1981, receiving a degree in Criminal Justice. It was while he was a student that he took the opportunity to work for the security department parking cars.

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Chapel Services is Sliding into Better Communication with the Students

The University of Northwestern – St. Paul chapel services started again on Wednesday, Aug. 30, but something had changed slightly. The chapel slides had been removed. Since then, students have wondered where they went, and rumors started to circulate. Alicia Barr, a junior elementary education major, shared, “I heard that they were removed originally because […]

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