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Campus Character: Dr. Melissa Mork’s study of humor is no laughing matter

Dr. Melissa Mork, a professor and chair of the psychology department at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, has been involved in many different types of humor studies through the years, but her works are no joke. Mork has made many serious accomplishments in her research of humor, including therapeutic humor. She serves on the board for the Urban Cross Cultural College Consortium, and […]

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Spiritual doubt survey shows students they are not alone

Do you have doubts? You’re in good company. A UNW professor is researching spiritual doubt, and his findings may surprise you.

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Some sexual assault cases hit too close to home

By Aliyah Basuil After a sexual assault was reported at the University of Minnesota campus, criminal charges against 10 Gophers football players have been dropped. Last fall, a 22-year-old woman came forward to local police to report that she had been sexually assaulted by several members of theUniversity of Minnesota’s football team on Sept. 2, 2016, […]

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Campus Character: Rachel Dougan adopts a new view of the world

Making plans is something that everyone does, usually on a weekly or daily basis. However, plans don’t always turn out the way one thinks they will, and Rachel Dougan learned this lesson on an international scale.

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University of Northwestern – St. Paul on New Years Resolutions

The New Year can be a difficult time for people all over the world, especially college students. College is a time where you are meant to prepare to enter the adult world; you are supposed to get your life in order. This leads to some pretty “practical” New Year’s resolutions. So to help inspire other students, a variety of people at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul were asked what they are doing this New Year.

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