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Tips for finding internships in the new year


Internships are a necessity for many college students. Northwestern offers many resources to connect students with career experience that will prepare them for their professional career after graduation.

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Shakespeare abridged

“Think of this as the best Netflix original series. Think of this as Stranger Things with Shakespeare,” said senior theatre major Dawson Ehlke.

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Reflecting on the Winter Break’s Dual Relaxation and Stress

Northwestern’s campus was buzzing as students started to come back from winter break. Students and teachers had some time to get prepared for their spring semester, but not everyone was ready.

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Unwrapping stories of Christmas presents gone wrong

Student opens gift

As you know, one of the best parts of Christmas is receiving gifts that you’ve waited for all year long. You also understand the challenge of pretending to be ecstatic about a gift that fits better in a white elephant game than with your name on it. Northwestern students tell all about their most memorable Christmas gift disasters.

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Students use winter break as opportunity to travel

By Aliyah Basuil Whether it was visiting an unfamiliar country or binge-watching different shows on Netflix, winter break was the perfect opportunity for students at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul to unwind and experience new things. With three weeks of freedom, what kind of adventures did students have? “The beach was bae,” said Isabella […]

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