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A beginner’s guide to understanding coffee shop drinks

In the midst of the daily grind, homework, actual work and trying to make time for a social life, the one thing most of us can agree on is our desperate need for daily coffee. The great thing about being in the Twin Cities area is that, as students needing a place to study and also some caffeine, we have a plethora of coffee shop options to choose from. However, many of those coffee shops have menus that feature some obscure coffee creations. Most coffee drinks have some sort of espresso and milk mixture. Espresso is not a specific type of coffee but the method of preparing the coffee beans. Espresso is derived from sometimes several different types of coffee bean and ground down to a very fine texture. The idea behind this is not to create a bitter taste but a bolder coffee flavor.

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‘Red Sparrow’ is a good, not great, spy film

How far would you go to protect the ones that you love? This is what Jennifer Lawrence’s character in Red Sparrow is forced to ask. When her leg is broken in a ballet accident, and she can no longer afford to care for her disabled mother, Dominika Egorova (Lawrence) is forced by her uncle (Matthias Schoenaerts) to become a Sparrow, a group of special operative spies working for the Russian government. Her first mission is to find the name of the mole leaking information to CIA operative Nate Nash (Joel Edgerton). But when she is faced with an opportunity to leave Russia with her mother, will Egorova stay loyal to the state or put her family first.

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‘Hello Hello’ 2018 senior design show celebrates UNW’s art

‘Hello Hello’ 2018 senior design show celebrates UNW’s art and design students
The University of Northwestern – St. Paul’s Denler Art Gallery presents the work of UNW’s senior graphic design majors in the exhibition “Hello Hello.” The students showcasing their work this semester are Catherine Brinker, Brooke Gillquist, Kiley Goldfarb, Carmen Johnson, Claire Ripley, Mariah Visel, Tia Wagner and Othello Xiong. “Hello Hello” is located in the Totino Fine Arts Center on the second floor and is open until February 16.

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The Paleolithic Diet takes eating back to the good ol’ days

Popular diets come and go all the time in this fast paced world. Because the internet is readily available, there is an abundance of gyms and there are personal trainers, we hear about how to be skinny and healthy now more than ever. These popular diets are usually looked at with skepticism, but there is one diet that is all about eating the same types of food that people have eaten since the beginning of time. The Paleolithic diet, also known as the Paleo diet, consists of eating food that humans who lived during the Paleolithic era had available in nature.

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What does the loss of Net Neutrality mean for students?

What is Net Neutrality?

According to Free Press, Net Neutrality preserves our right to communicate freely online. It means an Internet that enables and protects free speech. It means Internet service providers should provide the public with open networks without discriminating against or blocking any applications or content that are presented on those networks.

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