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Shakespeare abridged

“Think of this as the best Netflix original series. Think of this as Stranger Things with Shakespeare,” said senior theatre major Dawson Ehlke.

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Moonlight: An epic journey to manhood

By Gillian McIntosh “Moonlight” is a dramatic film that explores the issues of identity in an eloquent and heart breaking way. Its critics are calling Berry Jenkins’ film “Moonlight” one of the essential American films. The film won three Oscar’s for “Best Motion Picture of the Year,” “Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting […]

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5 ways to Christmas shop when cash is tight

During your college years money is almost always tight. Unfortunately a college student’s retail job or on-campus boss doesn’t pay double during December to make up for all of the Christmas presents that a college student needs to buy. So, here are five ideas to keep your budget low and your Christmas spirit high!

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‘Nefarious’: Raising awareness to put an end to the sex slave trade

Slavery is still the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. Women and children are being sold for sex, and it is happening both legally and illegally all over the world. There’s no difference between legal and illegal prostitution. Either way, women are being exploited. Women find themselves caught in the chains of the trade in a variety of ways. Some are abducted and some are lured in by someone who appears to be romantically interested.

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Feast like a king on a pauper’s budget

Maverick’s Real Roast Beef, right by Subway on Lexington Avenue, has quite the experience to offer. I was greeted by a cowboy; well, he sounded like one. His “out west” accent made this restaurant feel authentically western.

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