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Don’t break the bank: Cheap deals for college students

Hidden Treasures is a Christian, not-for-profit, thrift store on Pentagon Dr. in St. Anthony. They have a wide selection of used items in good condition for unbeatable prices.

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Get a taste of Korea not far from campus

Sole Café is in the heart of Koreatown in St. Paul, and its traditional cuisine is the perfect solution to satisfy cravings for a taste of a different culture.

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A student’s passion turned into a business

Erin Nystrom is an English Education major at the University of Northwestern. When she’s not busy writing away, she spends her time pouring everything she has into her photography business. Erin got into photography at around thirteen or fourteen years of age.

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Students and staff share favorite cheap restaurants

Many college students have little to no spending money, and yet they love to have fun, get out and enjoy food. How are they to balance these realities? The answer: cheap restaurants.

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There is more than Ramen

by Rachel Dougan In college, time is our commodity. During my freshman year, I scrambled to get everything done. Food became a second thought, forcing me to eat small snacks instead of meals, quick food instead of healthy food and some days, I would just skip meals. Can you relate? Easy food is an art. […]

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