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Don’t break the bank: Cheap deals for college students


Hidden Treasures is a Christian, not-for-profit, thrift store on Pentagon Dr. in St. Anthony. They have a wide selection of used items in good condition for unbeatable prices.

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Get a taste of Korea not far from campus

Sole Café is in the heart of Koreatown in St. Paul, and its traditional cuisine is the perfect solution to satisfy cravings for a taste of a different culture.

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Students and staff share favorite cheap restaurants


Many college students have little to no spending money, and yet they love to have fun, get out and enjoy food. How are they to balance these realities? The answer: cheap restaurants.

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The Grateful Table: New restaurant two miles from campus

The Grateful Table has a casual, almost homey dining atmoshphere (photo by Erin Nystrom).

For students looking for a cozy, casual place to eat that’s close to campus, The Grateful Table is a great option. This family-owned bakery/café is located just five minutes from campus on Fairview Avenue, and it’s the perfect place for snacking.

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Tropical dining at the Rainforest Cafe

Th Rainforest Cafe is on the third floor of the Mall of America (photo by Sarah Peterson).

Hidden on the third floor of the Mall of America is one of the most colorful, interesting, interactive and delicious places to eat: The Rainforest Café. When you first walk up to the café, you are greeted by a pond that is filled with intricate details to make it look like a real waterfront in a rainforest, including fog and lush greenery. Right above it is the Rainforest Café sign surrounded by sculptures of animals such as tree frogs, a gorilla and a parrot.

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