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Khyber Pass Café provides a unique, cultural dining experience

Khyber Pass Café

by Ruthie Flaa Assistant Lifestyle Editor As one who had never eaten Middle Eastern food, I was a bit leary about visiting the Afghan-based restaurant, Khyber Pass Cafe. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. Khyber Pass Cafe is located on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, a little less than 20 minutes from Northwestern. Upon entering the small […]

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Brunch with Becca: The Red Stag Supper Club is worth a visit to northeast

Review by Rebecca Rehm Lifestyle Section Editor Because brunch suddenly seems like the grown-up thing to do, I spent Valentine’s Day morning at the Red Stag Supper Club in northeast Minneapolis.  Despite the restaurant’s air of trying a little too hard to be cool, it was a great experience. Eating at the Red Stag feels […]

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“The Duff”: An Unexpected Surprise


A review of the movie “The Duff” by Lauren Scwabe.

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Dinkytown’s Mesa Pizza is ‘no ordinary pizza parlor’

Mesa Pizza, a specialty pizza restaurant located in Dinkytown, is a great place to get away from college pressures and relax with friends.

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Traces of positive Christian themes and coherent plot line vanish in ‘Left Behind’ remake

Left Behind is not a “Christian movie,” what ever that title means. With it’s scornful portrayal of Christians as nut jobs who happen to be correct about a supernatural event, this film does not show Christianity in a kind light.

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