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Traces of positive Christian themes and coherent plot line vanish in ‘Left Behind’ remake

Left Behind is not a “Christian movie,” what ever that title means. With it’s scornful portrayal of Christians as nut jobs who happen to be correct about a supernatural event, this film does not show Christianity in a kind light.

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The Maze Runner Nearly Finds its Way

All in all, ‘The Maze Runner’ is a simple, straightforward film that doesn’t give much to work with as far as background or extensive story. But it is because of the things it lacks that it works, propelled by strong acting and a unique setting. With a heavy sequel bait tied to the end, audience members will just have to wait for the next films for more answers.

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Pfister attempts greatness but misses the mark with ‘Transcendence’

The strong cinematography in this film does not make up for the lack of character development.

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‘Draft Day’ proves an exciting football film just in time for the NFL draft

Through all the hype over “Draft Day” and the publicity it received on ESPN, Sports Center and at the Super Bowl, it did not disappoint.

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Overly dramatic plot ruins the edgy potential of ‘Labor Day’

If you want two hours of gorgeously shot emotional angst, then, and only then, should you see “Labor Day.” Nice as it may sound, the plot of “Labor Day” is filled with uncomfortable emotional depth.

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