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‘Thor: The Dark World’ proves an improved and entertaining sequel


Though it’s nothing particularly unique or thrilling, “Thor: The Dark World” is a sequel to rival the first and a film perfect for anyone with a taste for adventure and fantasy.

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Theater review: Northwestern’s ‘Oklahoma!’

“Oklahoma!“ has finally arrived at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. The last three shows of “Oklahoma!” will be Nov. 7-9 at 7 p.m. in Maranatha Hall.

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Twin Cities Connect: Show comes to a ‘Wicked’ close

Once one of Broadway’s most critically reviewed musicals, “Wicked” later became a long-running theatric sensation. In fact, the musical celebrated its ten-year anniversary this month.

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Album review: Bradley Hathaway’s ‘How Long’

Bradley Hathaway’s newest album, “How Long,” explores stories of heartbreak and loneliness.

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‘Two people and a secret: the beginning of all conspiracies’

The Fifth Estate

‘The Fifth Estate’ explores the journey of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. “Hero or villain? You decide” reads the fitting tag line.

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