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Campus Character: Dr. Michael Wise

 by Annie Kelby Executive Editor Prior to my interview with Dr. Michael Wise—an event I was highly anticipating—I visited his faculty page on the University of Northwestern – St. Paul website. His name appears on the page as “Michael O. Wise, Ph.D., Ph.D.” Dr. Wise has two Ph.Ds; many cannot boast the achievement of attaining one Ph.D. As […]

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Changes in the Admissions Department

Ken Faffler is leaving the admissions department at UNW, what does this mean for future students? After losing such a great asset, how will the admissions department go about this?

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Dr. Charles Aling featured in film on the Exodus

Northwestern’s very own Dr.Charles Aling talks about his hand in making “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.” Tim Mahoney, the producer of the movie, himself approached Dr. Aling for his incredible knowledge on the subject. Though everything didn’t go as expected, students were overjoyed at Dr. Aling’s involvement.

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New MBA program gives students global perspective

Learn more about how the new MBA program at the University of Northwestern – Saint Paul is giving students a global perspective on business.

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Campus Character: Clyde Billington

by Anna Bjorlin News Editor History professor Clyde Billington has taught at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul for nearly 22 years, and boasts a wide variety of careers and interesting stories. Besides teaching high school in New York, teaching history and Greek at a seminary and two large state universities and acting as […]

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