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Graciously Crushed: Drew Shepp

By Daniel Appel Sports Editor: Drew Shepp is often known at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul as the hipster guy who leads chapel and catches students scanning and scramming. Towering above most everyone at six foot eight inches, Shepp can come off as fairly intimidating if you’ve never actually spoken to him. His […]

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Recent tuition freeze and faculty layoffs bring changes to campus

by Annie Kelby Executive Editor   Changes have been made at The University of Northwestern – St. Paul, changes that’ll affect both students and faculty in the upcoming year. The first of these two changes is the decision to freeze tuition for the 2014-2015 academic year. President Alan Cureton has played a key role is […]

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Campus character: Dave Berggren

New adviser for Eagle 7 News Dave Breggren talks about his work at Kare 11, advice for journalist and being a Bethel graduate at UNW.

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Abeler’s “Spontaneity” video wins Cengage scholarship

Junior Matthew Abeler, a second-year Electronic Media Communications major, recently won the grand prize of a $1000 scholarship for his video submission to a short film contest. The contest, which took place mid-May, was promoted through an education-based company called Cengage Learning, which works with students and teachers and focuses on engagement as the foundation of learning.

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Smith receives prestigious McKnight Fellowship

Art and Design Professor Joe Smith received a prominent McKnight Fellowship for Visual Arts in June.

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