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Public Safety discusses active shooter protocol in light of Parkland

February 14—a day usually remembered for its emphasis on love—will now stand as the anniversary for the seventeen lives lost in Parkland, FL after Nikolas Cruz, 19, opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The news of Parkland’s school shooting may have left people devastated, but it didn’t seem to surprise them, nor has it come as a shock to the University of Northwestern’s Public Safety.

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Students anticipate deeper biblical understanding through Israel trip

Ruins in Israel

A trip to Israel ranges from a bucket-list item to a must-do for many Christians. The department of biblical and theological studies at the University of Northwestern—St. Paul recognizes this desire and has therefore offered trips to the Holy Land for decades. Over spring break, a group of (number) students and faculty, led by Doctors Mark Muska and Ed Glenny, will travel once again to follow the footsteps of the Bible.

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UNW Music students take on Concerto-Aria Competition

group of students with instruments

On Feb. 10, eleven University of Northwestern – St. Paul students participated in the Concerto-Aria Competition in Nazareth Chapel. The competition’s two winners, Corrin Lee in the vocal category and Bowen Liu in the instrumental category, will perform as featured guests with the UNW Orchestra this May. Abigail Valine, who competed in the instrumental category, also received an honorable mention at the competition. The adjudicators for the competition were Michael Kim, Director of the School of Music at the University of Minnesota; Elsa Nilsson, professional violinist; and opera singer Adriana Zabala.

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Dance minor opens new opportunities at UNW and beyond

group dancing

Outside of the context of theater, dance was not allowed at the University of Northwestern—St. Paul until 2013, but in 2009, a “dance for musical theater” class was offered for the first time. It was never published in the course catalog because it had “dance” in the title. Fast forward five years, and the department of music and theater has added a dance minor to its academic program.

Students and faculty were in prayer for weeks leading up to the final meeting to get the minor approved, and when Jennifer Hunter, artistic director for Northwestern theater and Jolene Konkel, the choreographer, returned, they told students it could not have gone any better. “The decision passed unanimously,” said senior theater major Josie Michalk.

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Doctors Winslow and Schultz team up to teach science and theology

Dr. Walter Schultz, professor of philosophy and scholar-in-residence, and Dr. Lisanne Winslow, professor of biology, have spent the last four years formulating a rhythm for team-teaching courses at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul.

Since the spring of 2013, Schultz and Winslow have team-taught 4 classes at Northwestern, including Metaphysics, Science and Theology, The Problem of Evil and Jonathan Edwards. This fall marks the duo’s third teaching of the Jonathan Edwards course.

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