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Ruti Doto; demonstrating Christ’s love through cultural unity

by Erick Phill Known for her devotion to community, friendly personality and love of Beyoncé and Frank Sinatra music, Ruti Doto (a December 2016 graduate currently finishing her Master’s in Business Administration or MBA) left a mark on campus culture as an influential representative of minorities. Born in Ethiopia and raised largely in the U.S., Doto […]

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Campus Character: Joshua Gillespie on the hope for the future

by Kalena Coleman Having a joyful smile that lights up his face, Joshua Gillespie, junior finance major at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul is a student known by many. From academics to his thoughtful insight as a panel speaker in chapel, Gillespie makes a significant impact on Northwestern’s campus. Beyond Gillespie’s positive spirit, […]

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Campus bloopers: Looking back over the years

by Melissa Brookman Years of unexpected incidents on campus have resulted in confusion for some students and delightful stories for the officers who work in Public Safety at University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Richard Roos, a public safety line officer, has been patrolling the campus and keeping students safe for years. Roos said, “I’ve […]

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FAFSA Submission Opened Earlier in 2017

  by Wes Muilenburg There are few things that college students need and want more than financial aid. Yet there is probably nothing most college students understand less. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA) is vitally important for financial aid for students and applicants nationwide. According to the University of Northwestern-St. Paul’s Senior Financial Aid […]

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Bringing unity through the Black Student Union club

by Emily Gustafson Addressing racial division on campus is one goal of the newly formed club, the Black Student Union. This club was started at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul in the hopes of bringing unity to the UNW campus by having conversations about race, culture, current issues, and more. However; there is […]

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