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Rising to Fame: Campus Profile of Joseph “Juice” Sutton

Joseph Sutton is a junior EMC major at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul who has had a platform as a comedian for many years. He grew up in Chicago before moving to the Twin Cities to attend school. Since attending UNW, Sutton has had many opportunities to display his gift as a comedian. […]

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New dorm creates space for student body to grow

Overall, students seem to be enjoying their new dorm. The added residential space is helpful to the campus as a whole and will give the student body a space to grow.

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The Remnant localizes the love of music

Recently senior Music Director and Remnant worker Ben Carlson decided to change things up by choosing not just to broadcast famous artists but also to highlight Northwestern students, alumni and various local artists around the area. Unlike UNW’s other popular radio station 98.5 KTIS, The Remnant will be featuring musicians who are new to the music scene and attempting to get their music out to reach a larger audience. The concept of featuring lesser-known artists on air is very rare in our mainstream-oriented society today. Most radio stations will not feature lesser-known artists because it is a risk for the station. If the listeners don’t enjoy the newer artists, then the station is held liable for the resulting loss.

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Freshmen Emahiser and Glerum elected as new senators

Nine UNW students ran for the two open senator positions on the student government committee. Candidates included business finance major Caleb Resnick, music education major Stalyon Blackmon, biology major Andrew Glerum, computer science major Noah Seehusen, engineering major Andrew Friedrichs, general business major Justin Olson, accounting major Stewart Emahiser, Sarah Miller and transfer student Alex.

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Abeler’s “Spontaneity” video wins Cengage scholarship

Junior Matthew Abeler, a second-year Electronic Media Communications major, recently won the grand prize of a $1000 scholarship for his video submission to a short film contest. The contest, which took place mid-May, was promoted through an education-based company called Cengage Learning, which works with students and teachers and focuses on engagement as the foundation of learning.

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