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Rising cost of the future

In order to expand one’s horizons in an educational sense, students must also expand their wallets. When one describes college, he or she tends not to describe it as “affordable.” On average, Minnesotans graduate from college with over $29,000 in debt. For college students working minimum wage jobs (earning about $8 an hour), that adds up to about 3,265 hours of work.

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New grant program creates more internship opportunities

This program is designed to help fund students who have unpaid internship opportunities. Assistant Director of Experiential Education Linda Ashworth helped start this program by working with the city of Roseville and the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Program, which has also begun working with other colleges to provide the same opportunities to other students in the area. The University of Northwestern – St. Paul has been able to be a part of this program by showing a history of successful internship programs.

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New Science and Theology minor available spring 2015

The arrival of the 2014 academic year brought along with it a new member to the Department of Biblical and Theological Studies. The Science and Theology minor found its roots several years ago at Northwestern when curious students approached Winslow and Schultz about concepts they were learning in class.

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Sports complex sparks excitement

The University of Northwestern – St. Paul welcomes a new and improved sports complex to the campus this fall. Athletes and fans alike are pumped and ready to use the high quality athletic facilities.

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Changes to Core Curriculum Bring New Courses

Four new courses were introduced this fall in conjunction with a revised core curriculum for students entering the traditional undergraduate program – Spiritual Formation, Progress of Redemption, Christianity and Culture and Historical Theology.

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