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Force hosts first annual open market

The Open Market was designed to be a garage sale of sorts where live music by Brett Carey’s band (Calvin Heights) and Ben Carlon’s band (Life without Pockets) was featured. Students were able to rent tables for $4 where they could sell anything ranging from books to socks.

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Departments combine to create Office(s) of Student Life

Steps to combine Campus Ministries and Student Development began last fall. The new department will still have two separate offices, but both will hold the title “Office of Student Life” and cover the same aspects of student life.

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Baltzer and Potts win Concerto-Aria competition

Senior Emily Baltzer and junior Anthony Potts were announced as the winners of the recent Concerto-Aria competition. Adjudicator and Grammy-award-winning trombonist Henry Charles Smith complimented all the musicians on their performances before revealing the names of the two winners, saying, “You are all winners. Especially several of you.”

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‘Shmallowing’ video gets over 10,000 hits in 10 days

Jonah Traaseth takes catching food in his mouth to a whole new level in a ‘shmallowing’ video he filmed with friends.

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Public Safety addresses expired crime log

As of Monday, Jan. 13, the Daily Crime Log found on the theRock had not been updated since Aug. 24, 2013. According to the Handbook for Safety, however, Public Safety was not in violation of any requirements of crime log updates.

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