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Changes made to the Editing Competency Exam (ECE)

by Jordan Jantz The Editing Competency Exam, the ECE, is changing. Students in English 1105, English composition, can expect some changes including when the ECE is offered, what is tested on it and how remediation works. “The ECE is no longer required for English 2205—critical thinking and writing—which it traditionally has for a really long […]

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Athletic positions at UNW prepare students for future careers

Chloe Gault and her advisor David Hieb with the 2016 UMAC Championship trophy (photo courtesy of Chloe Gault).

Upper Midwest Athletic Conference titles are won with contributions from many different people including players and coaches. Unbeknownst to many people on the University of Northwestern—St. Paul campus are the contributions made behind the scenes by students in multiple athletic positions including roles such as student manager, statistician, and student athletic trainer. These positions not only contribute to the athletic success of teams such as football, men’s basketball, and baseball, they also prepare students for their careers after graduation.

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Calling out to all UNW dudes: Add More Dudes!

A new movement has been spreading its influence around the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, and many people aren’t entirely sure what purpose it serves. “UNW More Dudes” is a Facebook group that was created last year by Grant Cox, a sophomore mechanical engineering major.

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In Defense of Music Education in Schools – Opinion

By Jacqueline Lofstad Jacqueline Lofstad is a second-year PSEO student majoring in music education and history. She is a trumpet player from Circle Pines, MN (photo by Jacqueline Lofstad).   Imagine a sweet sixth grade girl entering middle school for the first time. She is nervous and is struggling academically and socially. However, she is […]

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The powerful movement behind stand up for your sister

A new event happened at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul for the first time on Jan. 17-18 called Stand Up for Your Sister. On the first day of the event, female students took anonymous surveys regarding the variety of experiences women can face.

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