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UNW participates in art tour with Bethel, MCAD

UNW students explored the way other local universities see and create art. “It definitely was different than I thought it would be,” said gallery assistant Riki Cummings, a sophomore art major at UNW.

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New freshman senators seeking to make an impact

Kaela Venberg

Freshmen Kaela Venberg and Tucker Schlottman were elected as student senators for the 2013-2014 school year. The senators are eager to be involved this year.

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Students share study abroad stories and memories

Elizabeth Reid studying abroad

“Studying abroad can seem scary and intimidating, but it really isn’t as much as you might think. It will be a rich and rewarding experience that will transform your understanding of the world,” Elizabeth Reid stated.

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Student Activities focuses on social media

Student Activities now gives students instant notification through posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Amanda Thompson, Student Activities’ coordinator of publicity and advertising, stated “We want to give people the opportunity to connect with others they might not have otherwise, and to create space for people to form relationships outside of their normal routine.”

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Football player moonlights as comedian

What do you get when you cross a football player, a college student and a comedian? You get Joe Sutton.

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