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Campus Character: Rachel Dougan adopts a new view of the world


Making plans is something that everyone does, usually on a weekly or daily basis. However, plans don’t always turn out the way one thinks they will, and Rachel Dougan learned this lesson on an international scale.

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Gisler’s miraculous rebound leads to 1,000 points

Senior Will Gisler and Head Coach Tim Grosz

Senior Wil Gisler joined Northwestern’s 1,000-point club, thanks in part to a miraculous rebound.

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Student wellness fair went well for the students

Baton Rouge, LA, December 19, 2005 - Hope Crisis Response has brought 12 therapy dogs from Virginia and New York to the Baton Rouge Joint Field Office which will be used as a home base in response to Hurricane Katrina.  "Custer" will visit various Disaster Recovery Centers and Travel Trailer Parks to offer a little comfort to displaced victims.  Robert Kaufmann/FEMA

On Feb. 22, the main floor of the Billy Graham Community Life Commons was packed with students. They were all present for the Student Wellness Fair, an event tailored for helping students emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.

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Jeffrey Lloyd discusses music, theater, and audio recording

Jeffrey Lloyd

Jeffery Lloyd is a senior audio recording major with a theater minor. He went through six different majors before settling on audio recording, and he was enrolled in two different colleges before he landed at the University of Northwestern St. Paul.

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Do staff members really attend chapel?

Although the University of Northwestern’s student handbook states that students must attend roughly 60 percent of the daily chapels each semester, there is no rule requiring staff to follow suit – or even attend at all.

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