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Where the Super Bowl and darker realities collide

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The Super Bowl coming to Minnesota has created a large amount of excitement. Amongst all of the hype that is being created, a darker, scarier message has been warning Twin Cities residents: human trafficking. The Super Bowl is considered to be the largest human trafficking event in the United States, which takes away some of the glory for those residing in the Super Bowl destination. And once the players and fans leave the host city, the trafficking remains.

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Spiritual practices when life is going great


Everyone goes through ups and the downs of life, the hills and the valleys. It is always difficult going through tough situations and circumstances in life, those certain hard things that you don’t see coming. There is a lot of counseling and information on what to do in a season of hurting. One turns to God in their greatest need. But what about when life is great? How do we respond to a season of success?

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Homesick for Northwestern? Staying involved after graduation

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For many students, Northwestern is their first home away from home. Even if you dislike dorm-style living or are a commuter, somehow UNW’s campus becomes a part of your community – a place where you belong. It’s a place to call home for as long as you let it.

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The stigma about sex and Christianity

An obsession with sex is prominent in our culture today. Secularization has made itself known through many different sources. Especially through media, each age group is being targeted in a different way. Younger generations have found sex at their fingertips with the Internet, social media, magazines, TV ads and programs, and easy to access sexual websites.

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A challenge to not put God on the back-burner

One of University of Northwestern-St Paul’s largest selling points is the Christ-centered atmosphere. Inspiring chapels, a greater understanding of the Bible and fellowship with other believers are some of UNW’s amazing qualities.

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