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Women’s March: More than just politics

Protesters at the Women’s March in St. Paul at the Capitol building on Jan. 21, (photo courtesy of Victoria Downey).

The Women’s March on Washington took the United States by storm, drawing in millions of people nationwide—and even worldwide—to march and protest on Jan. 21, the day after the presidential inauguration. Despite controversy surrounding the event, there was a march in every US state and on every single continent as individuals marched in support of many varying causes.

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What’s left after the bumper stickers wear away?

By: Victoria Downey Opinion Editor Finally, we can talk about something other than politics. We expected what would feel like a collective sigh the day after the election last November, and let’s get back to our real lives” was a common theme in conversations and late-night talk shows everywhere. Except, how do we get back […]

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Black History Month at Northwestern and Beyond

There is serious contention about the designation of a month for the history of an entire race, as opposed to the continuous integration of black history into the study of history as a whole. Many Americans doubt how much history can actually be fit into a single month. “Black history is just as long and just as rich and full as the rest of American history,” said Cunningham.

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Biblical literacy declining in the 21st century church

Bible study courtesy of Pixababy

Generally, belief in the Bible as a sacred, meaningful piece of literature is declining, and millennials are leading the pack for agnostic and atheistic affiliation. The puzzling thing is, two-thirds of American adults believe the Bible holds all the knowledge you need for a meaningful life and 64 percent believe that the Bible is more influential than any other text. Harrell also found that 62 percent of Americans want to read the Bible more. If the majority finds biblical text to be applicable and valuable, why is biblical illiteracy so common?

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In defense of chapel content: A response

I’m all for conversation about chapel — the good and the bad — because it shows how much we care about it as a community practice and how much it impacts our lives every day. Chapel does need to be talked about. There are plenty of legitimate concerns that have been raised: the number of required chapels, the lack of exemptions for arguably legitimate reasons and the concern over increasing legalism. That last one should be talked about all the time in the Christian life anyway, especially in an academic setting like Northwestern. We are so good at losing sight of the spirit of the law in favor of the the spirit of the gospel, so it’s important to be continually examining ourselves together with the Holy Spirit.

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