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Baggage, grape juice and merciful weaknesses

Sometimes it feels like the baggage from previous years weighs us down and that we can’t get the stains out of our lives. Sometimes it feels like we and other people spill grape juice on that new, clean white shirt again and again until it is finally wrecked.

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From PSEO to traditional student: Being an 18-year-old junior in college

I was blessed with the opportunity to earn college credit while completing my high school education through concurrent college enrollment. I’m now a junior in college. Starting off life here, one thing was very apparent: traditional students don’t take too kindly to freshman students saying that they are “technically” something else.

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Student Government: Your questions answered

You might be wondering what student government is really like? What does Student Government actually do? Speaking as a Student Government senator myself, it’s quite simple.

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A statement on chapel from the student body president

The administrators at UNW do recognize the students’ voices and have purposefully put in place a system to allow and even encourage you to share your concerns.

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An open letter to Northwestern regarding chapel

Recently, students received an email stating that chapel policies would be changing, making students scan at the end of chapel and locking the doors after it starts to try to end the increasing “scanning and scramming.” Scanning and scramming has always been an occurrence, but as of late it has become more and more common. So naturally, Northwestern implemented harsher rules to “fix” this problem.

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