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Should we make our own choices?

We’ve been told that at college we can choose what we want to major and minor in, what direction we want to go. Being told that we must take all these classes is no longer allowing us to maintain this bit of freedom we have been looking forward to.

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Letter to the editor: Concerning Student Government

I feel it is important to respond to the article about the Student Government election process. Student Government does not take issues concerning the constitution lightly. Last year our group reviewed and edited the constitution of our body. This was a task done with great diligence and each revision was given careful consideration. There are a couple of misconceptions about election proceedings that need to be addressed.

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Rediscovering unified worship

Worship is among the most cherished aspects of our Northwestern routine, a fact attested by standing-room-only chapels every Friday. However, it has been my observation that at least some of us are discontent with how worship is often conducted in our community. As one who believes strongly in the power of corporate worship and wishes to see our student body united, I will strive to address this subtle yet persistent problem with honesty and humility in hope that dialogue and reconciliation would result.

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Leaving the comfortable; finding a calling in Chile

by Kiley Christianson Ever lost a phone? What about two phones? What if you lost both phones in the same week? The funny thing about this question is that I know the answer. Last fall, I studied abroad in Chile. Why? I really didn’t know when I made the decision. The only thing I knew […]

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Northwestern Voices: Asking the values question

Q:   Would you say you base your decisions on personal preferences or religious principles? “I am absolutely motivated by my religious principles. I try to base my friendships on a spiritual Christian perspective. It can be easy to look at secular standards and try to change my standards to fit those. It took a long […]

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