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Exposing the reality: The value of a short-term mission trip

by Andrea Manning Short-term missions work sounds like a beneficial experience and opportunity. However, many people do not think about the problems that short-term missions can cause. Careful consideration is necessary when determining the long-term impact of a short-term trip. Short-term missions should be viewed as a way for people to assist with immediate needs […]

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Words are powerful, so choose them carefully

Words hold potential for which I often fail to give them credit. Whether written, spoken or heard, words impact people. Words are able to inspire a passionate teen and convict a searching soul; they can depict the sacrifice of one life for another and spew malice and hatred. An expansive power—their purpose must be carefully chosen because words have a powerful impact on human life.

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Stop stopping: new year, fresh start   

My challenge is this: think before you watch that next Youtube video, before you pass someone in the hall without saying “hi,” before you commit to helping one more ministry and before you turn in that paper without working as unto the Lord and not man.

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A Façade of Safety: Is Northwestern At Risk?

With the recent campus massacre at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, our nation is once again collectively grieving the murder of nine individuals, eight of whom were students. What can we glean from this heinous tragedy in the collegiate academic world? What can we learn from this experience to make college campuses safer for all, particularly here at UNW?

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How should Christians approach the same-sex marriage debate?

I believe the stand that Kim Davis is making over marriage is wrong. I don’t think that we as Christians should stand with her but against her (ideologically anyway). I believe Christians don’t need to worry about same-sex marriage on a national level. We should support the rights of all on this issue, even if it goes against your personal beliefs of what is morally right.

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