By Zachary Kinowski
Opinion Editor

“The Christian Holocaust has officially begun in America!” is the claim that Josh Feurstein, a former television and radio evangelist, made in a video he uploaded last week. He made this statement in the wake of Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, being held in contempt and thrown in jail for five days because she refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples due to her religious convictions. Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are also standing with Kim Davis in her defense of a Christian America.

I believe the stand that Kim Davis is making over marriage is wrong. I don’t think that we as Christians should stand with her but against her (ideologically anyway). Obergefell v. Hodges was the landmark court case that led to the equality of marriage for same-sex couples and also created the climate for Kim Davis to feel the need to take a stand. I believe Christians don’t need to worry about same-sex marriage on a national level. We should support the rights of all on this issue, even if it goes against your personal beliefs of what is morally right.

This court decision has no direct implications on the way that a Christian lives their life or how they should govern or act within a church. The state has simply made it possible for two consenting adults that love each other to have marital status and receive benefits and tax breaks from the state. That is what marriage is concerned about from a governmental position. We as Christians take additional beliefs and values into marriages but that has nothing to do with the governments view on marriage and the laws surrounding them.

Remember that when Jesus first came into this world he didn’t come to establish a new kingdom in a political sense. There were many people that missed Jesus as Messiah because they were under the belief that the coming king was going to overthrow the Roman government. That didn’t happen. Jesus came to overthrow the hearts of his people to turn them back to himself.

What is to be gained by forbidding same-sex couples to marry? Do these people magically see the truth of the matter, repent, turn to Jesus and live happily ever after? No. They do not and will never through political means. We are not called to legislate Christianity. It only pushes people further away from actually meeting Jesus when we market him and force him into the political and cultural arena. We would be outraged to have any other religious or anti religious group make laws on our behalf. So why do we feel that we have the right to do so for others? 

Most homosexuals know where we stand on their sexual preferences but can these people see that we love them?

This is not the biggest crisis that Christianity has ever faced. Not by a long shot. I understand that this is an issue that we as the next generation of Christians need to work out, but it is certainly not the Christian holocaust. That is just the absurd, fear based rants of a person who might take some more time to consider how to better love his neighbor.

I would also like us to be very careful to not put our total focus on the sin of homosexuality. We don’t get to pick and choose what sins we like and the ones we don’t. Let’s focus on ourselves because we are all guilty of sin whether a State law defines it or not.The greatest commandment that Jesus ever gave was to love your God and to love others. That is what is important. Most homosexuals know where we stand on their sexual preferences but can these people see that we love them? If we believe that Jesus has enough power to bridge the infinite gap that was between God and man by living perfectly and dying for our sins then we should believe in his power to change people from the inside out.

Zachary Kinowski  is a Civic Journalist major at UNW.

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