by Meghan Sly


Cupcake offers over 40 different flavors of cupcakes.

When I first heard about the restaurant Cupcake I assumed that it would only be desserts, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is both a cafe and bakery with coffee, sandwiches, soups, salads and, of course, cupcakes.

There are four locations of Cupcake in the Twin Cities: University Ave, Snelling Ave N, Cliff Road and the Mall of America. My friends and I went to the University Ave location and were not blown away– I would give it a two and a half out of five rating.

I thought the food was delicious. For dinner we all ordered different meals and came to the agreement that the main entrees are great, but the salads are not the best. I had a macaroni and cheese dish that was wonderful. However, my spinach side salad came with tons of toppings I didn’t really like and was covered in a weird tasting dressing.
The cupcakes were the high point of the visit. They have a wide variety of cupcakes to choose from so my three friends and I all got different flavors, and we each enjoyed the one we picked.

A drawback was the prices. For a small, average café without service at the tables, the prices were fairly high. My entree, salad and cupcake came to a total of $13.

The worst part of the experience was the location in a secluded part of Minneapolis. The parking lot was a little unnerving and the cafe itself was hard to find since it shares a building with another business. The other locations may be better than the one that we visited.

I thought that the inside atmosphere was inviting and calm. The interior was very appealing. All of the chairs and stools were brightly colored, and the walls had intentionally exposed bricks and pipes. There were only a few other people in the restaurant while we were there on a Friday night around supper time. The mood was very relaxing and quiet, so it would be an ideal place to study with coffee and a cupcake.

Overall, I had a nice time eating delicious food and cupcakes, but the secluded dark parking lot and hard to find building were unappealing. I would go back to Cupcake to eat, but try another location.

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