by Sarah Elirck

Being no stranger to the field, defensive end Beau Walter, number 44, has geared up for his last homecoming game at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Walter, a senior accounting major, has been playing football since he was in sixth grade.

Football game “I have an older brother and he and I would always play outside with friends after school, which really got me into all sports,” said Walter. “My friends were playing peewee football and I wanted to play with them as well, so that’s what initially got me into the game.”

Throughout his football career, Walter’s dad has always been his biggest supporter. Walter’s father attended Northwestern where he played basketball, baseball and football, so he is no stranger to sports. “After games, I usually have a missed call from him or he waits to hear from me about how the game went,” said Walter. “He is definitely my biggest fan.”

Walter’s favorite part of UNW football is the relationship aspect of it. “You become friends with people you never would have met outside of football,” explained Walter. “Getting to hang out with everyone for three hours every day is pretty fun.”

Last weekend, the Northwestern Eagles played against the St. Scholastica Saints, one of Northwestern’s greatest rivals. “I’m excited about the game. I feel really good about it,” Walter said before the game. “No matter how good or bad either team is, it’s always a really close game.”

Walter continued, “The environment on campus is my favorite thing about homecoming.  Everyone is excited and all the festivities are really fun.”

Walter gets in the zone by not taking the game too seriously.  Before each game, he likes to walk around the field and go through his drills.  “I focus on the game, but I try to stay loose,” said Walter. “I play my best when I’m just having fun.”

WalterWalter said that so far this season, he is most proud of how everyone has grown. “We have a lot of new, young guys on the team this year and seeing everyone come together and grow, both on and off the field, has been really encouraging to see,” Walter explained. “We’ve come a long way in the few weeks we’ve been a team.”

“I think that more than anything, football has helped prepare me for life,” Walter added. “There are going to be hard times and there are going to be good times, and football has helped me to be able to work through different situations.”

Walter said that the best thing about playing a team sport is learning how to work with others. “I’m not great at anything specifically,” he said. “So being able to come together with a bunch of average people and do something great is my favorite thing about playing a team sport.”

Walter pointed out how UNW’s athletics are different from other schools’. “At Northwestern, you’re not going to be put down because of your athletic ability or your skill level. I think the coaches do a great job of teaching you and training you where you are at in your skill set.”

The Northwestern Eagles were defeated 14 – 7 after putting up a strong fight against St. Scholastica throughout the first three quarters. The Eagles are scheduled to play the MacMurray Highlanders on Oct. 7 at noon in Jacksonville, Illinois.

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