by Christa Gullickson

The moment I walked in, I knew this restaurant was unique. Maverick’s Real Roast Beef, right by Subway on Lexington Avenue, has quite the experience to offer. I was greeted by a cowboy; well, he sounded like one. His “out west” accent made this restaurant feel authentically western. He offered me the day’s special, which was $3.89 for their famous beef brisket sandwich. This was not like any other restaurant in a strip mall — it felt and looked different. After ordering that day’s special, I walked through and observed the authentic décor. A cowboy saddle, Roy Rogers’s pictures and western décor made this restaurant stand out. It definitely was not the typical chain restaurant.

The real roast beef brisket sandwich was phenomenal. You might be thinking it is just an ordinary dry, un-flavorful sandwich, which is to be expected with roast beef, but this sandwich was quite the opposite! The first bite was filled with onion notes and a special seasoning that was far from boring. This roast beef sandwich was juicy and fell apart in your mouth. Most of their sandwiches come with fries and a drink, making this a very filling meal. Even if you’re a football player, this could be your new favorite restaurant. They do not skimp on the meat they stuff in these delicious sandwiches. This is the restaurant for you if you are craving a meat-stuffed sandwich (or entrée) for less than the average sit-down restaurant. If you desire meat, Maverick’s Real Roast Beef has it all.

During the meal, one of the cooks behind the counter came over and offered me a free sample of their soft-serve ice cream. Their ice cream tasted like old-fashioned ice cream. It is obvious why they want to sample it to their customers. I definitely recommend purchasing ice cream for dessert if you go to Maverick’s for a meal. This restaurant is perfect for a group of friends, a birthday party or even studying. They have electric outlets on the walls behind most tables and free WiFi. This restaurant really “has it all!”

What else was unique about Maverick’s Real Roast Beef? The kitchen was completely exposed since it was right behind the counter where they take your order. You could watch the two cooks create your meal as you waited. They had a deep fryer for fries, many types of cooked meat, and lots of bread. It was quite fun to see them make your meal, most restaurants do not include that feature, so this is yet another reason this restaurant fell in the “unique” category.

I also noted that the restaurant’s cleanliness was better than I had expected for a strip mall restaurant. According to the server, this restaurant was established in 1999, and has since become “famous” in the Roseville area. I could believe him because not long after I sat down with my food, many people came in for takeout and to dine in. This restaurant became very lively after five p.m. rolled around. Overall, I’d rate this restaurant four out of five for their flavorful beef biscuit sandwich, rich ice cream, and their more than friendly service.

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