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Cody Kielsa played defensive back for the game against St. Scholastica.

by Josiah Thao

The University of Northwestern – Saint Paul football team recently faced two big conference rivals.

Saturday, Oct. 5, the Eagles traveled to Morris to face the University of Minnesota Morris in the sixth game of the season.

Less than ten minutes into the first quarter, Josh Sinnen ran in for a two-yard touchdown to establish the lead for the Eagles. Near the end of the second quarter, the Eagles continued to drive into the opponent’s field and connected on a 5-yard touchdown pass from Jacob Fletcher to Caleb Couwenhov. Later in the half, both teams found offensive rhythm. At halftime, the score was 24-14.

As the teams fought on, both continued to capitalize on every given opportunity as they tried desperately to pull away, but they remained toe-to-toe until the end of the game. The Eagles’ defense stepped up to the occasion and turned the ball over to the offense to score in the final second of the game, winning 50-45 over Morris.

“The last second touchdown was the key to sealing the game,” said sophomore wide receiver Joe Sutton.

On Saturday, Oct. 12, the UNW football team faced Saint Scholastica, the school tied with Greenville for the top position in the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference.

The first score in the game came from a pass from Jacob Fletcher to Daniel Shultz. The second score came from another pass from Jacob Fletcher; this time he connected with Caleb Couwenhov for 15-yard gain.

Football play 10

Sophomore running back Zac Cash sprints down the field with the help of sophomore offensive lineman Albin Sterneman in the Oct. 12 game against St. Scholastica (photo by Andy Haagenson).

The Eagles were up 14-0, but Saint Scholatica answered back and closed the gap to 7-14.

The second half began with a scoring drive from the Saints to even the tally to 14-14. The Eagle offense could not drive the ball down to capitalize on opportunities to close in on the Saints, and the Eagles were defeated 14-25.

Football 10

The Eagles were up 14-0 but then lost.

“Turnovers and penalties made it really difficult to sustain drives, so our defense was forced to be on the field for the majority of the half,” said senior quarterback Jacob Fletcher. He added, “My interception in the third quarter really hurt us in a battle for field position so that the next couple drives started in the ten yard line.”

“We kind of let our guard down. Their intensity was high and it was hard for us to establish our running game as a result we struggled getting the ball in the air,” said Joe Sutton, a sophomore wide receiver.

The Eagles will travel east to Greenville, Ill. to face the Panthers on Saturday, Oct. 19 at 1 p.m.

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