by Kassie Swiontek 

“I like to jam to Spotify every day.” -Emily Beich

The average college student today listens to music in some shape or form. Most college students here at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul said they listened to music in the form of a streaming service. Of the surveyed subjects, not one said they went out and bought physical CDs. In the ever-changing world of today’s music, college students are changing the ways they listen to it. Zach Field, a senior here at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul said, “As a broke college student, I use Pandora. I don’t have a lot of money to use for music.” As Zach specified, a lot of college students are usually broke. This is a cause for the reason a lot of students are changing the way they listen to music.

Caleb Sokovich, a sophomore here at the university said, “Does anyone buy music anymore?” Sokovich raises a valid point in asking do people actually buy music. Many find that streaming services give them just what they need without the cost of buying physical CDs or individual songs and albums on iTunes. Sokovich also added “I use Spotify to listen to music.” Most of the college students said they don’t have a need to buy music when they can just listen on streaming services for free.

Tiffany Waller a sophomore said, “I listen to Spotify, and sometimes Youtube if I’m looking for a certain song so I don’t have to pay for anything.” It is common among Millennials in this digital age to not buy the music because of the accessibility to it. On Youtube all one has to do to listen to a song is look it up and with no fee you have the content you want. With services like Spotify you can create playlists.”

Payton Loewenstein, a PSEO student here, weighed in saying, “I create playlists according to my mood.” According to Loewenstein, anytime you want to listen to certain songs Spotify is an easy route to do it.

Emily Beich said, “I like to jam to Spotify everyday.” It is growing to be more common than ever especially among the college student age group to listen to music with a streaming service. Beich uses Spotify for all her music needs and doesn’t feel the need to go beyond that.

The world of CD’s is dwindling. Kaitlin Zoch, a senior said, “I use Spotify 90 percent of the time. The only other reason I would listen to physical CD’s is if they were throwback CD’s I received as gifts a while ago. Zoch explains to us that the only CD’s she listens to are throwbacks. She contributes to the notion that physical CD’s are a thing of the past. She doesn’t feel the need to use them while she has Spotify at her disposal.

There are some exceptions to this changing phenomenon though. Some students believe they don’t need to buy physical copies of music but they are open to paying for subscriptions for music. Aiden Bahr, a sophomore said, “I listen to Apple music and pay for the subscription.” He like others finds it easy to use streaming services and pays for the convenience of a subscription..

Although some pay for music they still find ways that are discounted or cheaper than buying physical copies or songs piece by piece. Loewenstein said, “I use Spotify family … you get a family discount. Loewenstein finds it easy to have a subscription while being a student.

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