Hey, Fellow Students!

We are so glad you’re back; you are the reason we do (and have) our jobs! Seriously, we do this for you- please never hesitate to talk to any of us about any issues you would like to have addressed. We did want to let you know some of what we’ve been doing and some of our goals this coming semester and year.

First, we’re sorry about parking. We are really excited to have a surplus of students, but we also recognize that the lack of parking is an issue affecting a lot of you. We are working on both immediate and long-term solutions to the problem. We are also still pushing forward on the Commuter Lounge/New Student Space project, and hope to have some concrete progress to share with you soon.

Since the election of our two new senators (whom we are delighted to have on the team), we are finishing up the process of assigning our Senators to their specific representational offices. All Senators will begin work within their departments shortly, if they haven’t already.

We have also formed several committees, more project-centric groups. We have the Residence Life Committee, which is also continuing some work from last year relating to student spaces, as well as starting some new conversations about visitation hours and replacing laundry card machines. At the end of spring semester, we promised you a new ping-pong table and pool table repairs. The new ping-pong table is in the RA workroom and available for use, and the pool table is repaired and will hopefully be taken care of, alongside the other equipment in the game room.

The Student Fitness Committee hopes to target the lack of functional equipment in the Stud workout center, and possibly the hours of the Ericksen workout area. The Student Initiative Committee is currently discussing how best to get students’ voices relating to the new Student Initiative Fund, dedicated to actionable student interest projects. They hope to publicize a process to the student body by the end of the quad.
Like we said, feel free to talk with us anytime. We also have dedicated office hours from 11:30 to 4:30, on Mondays and Tuesdays – stop by and visit! Anyway, hope you have a great day!

With love,


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