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The Five16 Film Festival Has Hit Off Once Again


by Jenny Cvek   The Five16 Film Festival is one of the most popular events held at the University of Northwestern—St. Paul. Held on April 10 at 7 p.m., it is a night for formalwear, socialization and entertainment, and it also showcases the hard work and talent of Northwestern’s media department.

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Tragedy showcases the human experience in Sophocles’ Antigone


The University of Northwestern – St. Paul’s theater department aims to upend any expectations with its forthcoming production of “Antigone,” the concluding chapter of the cycle of Oedipus Rex. It’s a sad story of a girl who wants to honor her father and her gods while everyone and everything in her life is telling her not to.

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Students share their tips on how to get a ring by spring

engagement ring

At the University of Northwestern – St. Paul spring is in the air and that means another thing: lots of engagements. This has caused many students to label the spring season as a ring by spring season.

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After the ring…a Q&A with some of UNW’s engaged couples


Many students on the University of Northwestern – St. Paul campus have gotten engaged this year and here are just a couple of the more recent ones.

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Tale as old as time hits the big screen

The long-awaited remake of the family favorite “Beauty and the Beast” hit the big screen this month, captivating viewers all around. “Beauty and the Beast” was one of this years most anticipated films and a family classic.

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