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Changes made to the Editing Competency Exam (ECE)


by Jordan Jantz The Editing Competency Exam, the ECE, is changing. Students in English 1105, English composition, can expect some changes including when the ECE is offered, what is tested on it and how remediation works. “The ECE is no longer required for English 2205—critical thinking and writing—which it traditionally has for a really long […]

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What professors and faculty think about ring by spring

Byline: Lisa Fredericks Many professors and faculty here at the University of Northwestern — St. Paul witness the romantic relationships their students enter. These relationships sometimes lead to marriage while in college. There is a wide range of opinions on the phrase “ring by spring.” Accounting professor Vernon Pollard believes that students getting married in […]

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Dr. Boyd Seevers: A Well Rounded Professor

Dr. Boyd Seevers is very active inside and outside of school

Dr. Boyd Seevers, a professor in the Biblical and Theological Studies department at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, is married and has four children.  In addition to family he also has a wide array of interests that include biblical studies, archeology, genealogy, and participating in marathons and Ironman triathlons.  In talking about the Bible, Seevers said, “The thing that […]

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Pete Sola is Purple and Gold to the Core

Pete Sola

by Jenny Cvek Assistant News Editor A student’s initial perception of Pete Sola is generally that he is a friendly person with an important role on campus.  Little do they realize that the director of Public Safety at the University of Northwestern—St. Paul has much more to his story than it appears.  He has been […]

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Do staff members really attend chapel?

Although the University of Northwestern’s student handbook states that students must attend roughly 60 percent of the daily chapels each semester, there is no rule requiring staff to follow suit – or even attend at all.

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