The UNW Women's Tennis team won 5-4 against Wartburg College on Feb 24 (photo courtesy of

The UNW Women’s Tennis team won 5-4 against Wartburg College on Feb 24 (photo courtesy of

by Nick Swore 

A few things that come to mind when you hear spring break are warm weather, beaches and relaxing. All of these things are happening for the University of Northwestern – St. Paul tennis team over spring break. The tennis team has been traveling down to Orlando, Florida for the past few years. While in Florida, they spend time a lot of time hanging out at the beach and going to fun places to eat. Every year they set out one day of the trip and go to a theme park. This year they are spending one of their days at Universal Studios. According to senior tennis player Josh Kimball, “Universal Studios is my favorite theme park in the world. It has Harry Potter World and butterbeer (non-alcoholic) [which is] literally the best drink known to mankind.” Universal Studios is one of the most popular theme parks in the entire world and that’s why the tennis team is spending an entire day there.

Although it is spring break, not everything they do is relaxing in the sun and going to theme parks. Even though this trip is made for fun, it is a trip for the tennis team to actually play some tennis. Nicolette Paskewitz said, “One favorite thing about this trip is playing tennis outside because it’s actually warm. We also get to play on super nice courts at the USTA National Headquarters.” There are 100 courts at the facility, and this is a place where some of nation’s top tennis players compete. Not many tennis players around the country will get a chance to play at a place like the UTSA National Headquarters so that makes this a special trip. Although they will play a lot of matches in Florida, they don’t have that many opportunities to actually practice. Kimball said, “I wish we had more chances to practice down there because there is something really nice about being able to practice in super nice conditions like that.” It is exciting for the team to be playing outside in the warm weather especially being from Minnesota. It is disappointing for the team to return to below freezing temperatures in Minnesota after spending some time in the 80 degree Florida.

Overall, this trip gives the team the opportunity to have some fun at theme parks and at the beach but also grow closer as a team with some tennis being played. The men and women stay in separate houses with each one having its own hot tub. Paskewitz said, “Some of my favorite parts about this trip are getting to know the women’s team better and getting to set time aside for the Lord.” Trips like these can really help teams grow closer together and that’s exactly what happens on this one. The Northwestern tennis team will be gone for spring break, and when they get back, they will be looking to have a successful 2018 season.

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