by Matthew Bauman

Knutson Meat Night was a success once again.  The point of the night is for each hall to create a theme and then to cook food that fits within that theme while getting to know people from other halls.  Guanbei Wondor, the Knutson ARD, stated: “The most exciting part was taking the first few steps into a hall because of the decorations, seeing people involved and taking on different personas.  It was so amazing to see the energy throughout the night.  The RAs had a good time; the guys were having a good time.  It was a competition, but overall, because of the energy and the participation, people bonded.”

There are, of course, winners, and Grant Henry, the Knutson RD, said: “The criteria for the event are based off of the percentage of rooms that are participating, theme creativity and consistency, and the taste of the specialty dish.  Each hall had to have one designated dish that the judges ultimately judged the taste of their food on.”  The winner receives a pizza party during the mandatory floor meeting, and second place receives donuts and coffee during finals week.

The winner was the Armory, whose theme was classic America.  Jed LaPlant and Grant Cox cooked venison that came from a deer LaPlant killed. In addition to the deer, they also provided the decorations for the hall, and Cox stated, “Just about everything from the walls came from in here [their dorm room].”  They also passed out belt buckles, American flags and vinyl records.

Second place belonged to the Brotherhood, whose theme was a 5-star dining restaurant.  Weston Nelson and Tyler Daudt cooked elk that Daudt’s grandfather shot in Canada, and according to Nelson, “The judges said it was one of their favorites.”

Knutson Meat Night started in 2008, and in 2009, Michael Slate, Knutson’s RD at the time, decided to change the theme.  He made it Knutsen Meat and Mustache Night.  Slate stated, “I encouraged the guys in January to begin growing their facial hair about 3 weeks before the event and then shave sweet mustaches the day of the event.  Mustaches are obviously not necessary to participate, but it definitely gives it a fun flavor!”  To add to the night, the guys would dress up in trashy outfits while they were serving the meat.

Overall, Knutson Meat Night was a success, and it gave the guys the opportunity to cook some meat and have a great time putting together an event that everyone could enjoy.

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