Sophomore shooting guard Michael Carney focuses on a free throw (photo by Sarah Oliver).

Major: Business and accounting
Position: Shooting guard
Number: 10

Q: What has been your favorite game to play in your career?
A:  My favorite game would have to be my senior year substate game. We played at a huge high school, and it was packed out. We ended up losing, but it was a great game with some of my closest friends. Beating Wheaton here at Northwestern is a close second.

Q: Who has been the biggest support in your basketball career?
A:   My dad has been a huge support system for me. He doesn’t know much about basketball, but he is the hardest—working man I know. He taught me work ethic and discipline, and he has always supported me. Coach Grosz has been challenging me in new ways everyday as well.

Q: Who is your favorite professional basketball team and/or player?
A:   I don’t really follow the NBA too much, but I have always been a big Eric Gordon and Steve Nash fan. I am NOT a Lebron fan.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A:   I love getting in the gym to get shots up or workout. I also enjoy just taking it easy or hanging out with my family.

Q: Favorite class/professor/place to study on campus?
A:   My favorite class so far would have to be my Biblical Worldview class. I love taking Bible classes and theology  in general has always been interesting to me. My favorite professor so far would have to be Professor Ekbom. He teaches math classes, and even though I hate math, I appreciated how much he cared about his students. As for my favorite place to study, I would have to say my room. I get more stuff done when I have some peace and quiet.

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