Review by Rebecca Rehm
Lifestyle Section Editor

RedStagBecause brunch suddenly seems like the grown-up thing to do, I spent Valentine’s Day morning at the Red Stag Supper Club in northeast Minneapolis.  Despite the restaurant’s air of trying a little too hard to be cool, it was a great experience.

Eating at the Red Stag feels like attending the dinner party of a bearded, flannel-clad hipster. The interior of the restaurant is a quirky blend of urban loft and rustic cabin, and the shelves of colorful beer cans that line the walls manage to look cool, not tacky. Our waiter wore plaid and had an incredible mustache.

All the ingredients are organic and locally grown, but the simple food itself is presented in an amusingly pretentious way– the menu describes the pancakes as buttermilk pancakes with wild blueberry jam and Wisconsin maple syrup. I ordered the Brioche French toast, which was topped with blueberry compote and whipped cream (not from a spray can). Even as someone who does not usually like French toast, I was blown away by how juicy and delicious it was.

The restaurant was busy, but because we made reservations a few days early (a good idea even on non-holidays), we were seated right away.

Though it had terrible parking and was slightly pricey, the food was amazing and the atmosphere was fun.

5/5 stars. 

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