The Eagle’s running back is number 22, Josh Sinnen.

Athlete Profile: Josh Sinnen

Year: Junior
Major: Nursing
Position: Running back
Football #: 22
Q: What was your favorite game of the season?
A: My favorite game of the season was Homecoming. Not only did I have a good game, but the team had great energy and we all had a lot of fun.
Q: What role does your faith play in your athletic career?
A: My faith is crucial in that I play football to glorify God and not myself. On the football team we call it playing for an audience of One.
Q: If you could meet any NFL player who would it be?
A: Adrian Peterson.

Athlete Josh Sinnen is a junior nursing major.

Q: Who is your biggest fan/supporter?

A: My grandpa was definitely a big supporter previous seasons, and unfortunately he passed away right before the season started. I know he would have been to every game if he could have been.
Q: Favorite holiday?
A: Christmas
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