by Ryan Wienk

The UNW athletics teams are eagerly awaiting their spring break trips. Both of the tennis teams, the baseball team and the softball team are going to be headed south to warmth. Florida is the destination this year for all of the teams. This is the first time that all three teams are going to the same place over spring break. However, there will not be a lot of time to sit on the beach because all of the teams have busy schedules of matches and games. The teams will compete against some teams that are familiar while others will be new competition.

The UNW softball team is traveling to Clermont, Fla. During the trip the team will be playing nine softball games. As a team with 11 freshmen players, the bonding time is appreciated. The time not spent practicing and playing softball games will be filled with team bonding activities.

Head softball coach Alicia du’Monceaux said, “This is the most anticipated event of the year. It is a huge time for to us to create team unity.”

The baseball team is going to be staying in Port St. Lucie, Fla. while playing all five games about 15 minutes away in Fort Pierce. The team will start out its trip, and season, with a game against Immaculata College on March 7. The following day it will have a double header playing against Susquehanna University and Delaware Valley College. The team will finish spring break with a game against Keystone College on March 12 and Westminster College on March 13.

Head baseball Coach Dave Hieb said, “I expect to win every game.” Hieb stated he has very high expectations for his baseball team this season.

Hieb said, “The nice thing about Florida is that it’s a relaxing time where we can really build a team, and we can do baseball-related activities for a week.” Hieb added, “The fields are really nice, and it’s warm.”

The tennis teams are playing in Tampa, Fla. The men’s tennis team has eight matches while in Tampa. It will have matches against schools including Regis College, John Carroll University, Wheaton College and Ave Maria University. The women’s tennis team will play many of the same schools.

Trevor Grasto, a freshman on the tennis team said, “It will be a nice break to go someplace warm and play tennis.”

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