by Karee Joedeman

With the seasons changing, finding clothing to wear that is comfortable outside and inside is hard. It is straight-up difficult to plan an outfit, especially when the weather in Minnesota can’t decide which season to conform to. A way to beat the clothing game while being prepared and practical is to wear transitional clothing. A popular concept during the changing seasons is layering, and if you work it correctly, you can look good doing it.

In spring, the weather is still cold but not chilly enough to wear a winter jacket. You might be going from place to place, and it can be annoying to overheat in a winter jacket, and carrying that jacket is often not pleasant. Athletic jackets, wind breakers, leather jackets, jean jackets and bomber jackets are practical and fashionable for that kind of weather. If the weather drops in temperature, these coats are easily layered; just add a sweatshirt underneath.  Flannels and simple cardigans are also easy pieces to wear in both winter and spring to add warmth. Dark jeans are a good piece to own because they look good with both spring and winter colors. Long sleeves shirts, vests and thin sweaters are also good pieces that carry over from winter to spring. Three quarter-length sleeves are useful transition piece. Tops that have a simple cut, shape and pattern make outfits that stay classy through out every season.

Many thrift stores sell these basic but useful pieces for cheap. Having a wardrobe with basic pieces can help you transition from season to season and keep you looking classy at any time.

Colors like peach, violet, white, black, gray, blue and various nudes are good spring transition colors. These colors are a good mix between the darker colors that are more common in winter and the brighter and bolder colors and patterns typically associated with summer. Pastels and neutrals are used to add maturity to a wardrobe and are integral in any season.

Materials like lace and silk are light weight and trendy and are a switch-up to the wool sweaters of winter. Patterns that are common and trendy in spring are florals and stripes. These patterns are often used in winter but also work for spring.

Simple gold jewelry is trendy and classy for any season. This spring season of clothing launches pushed the growing trend of loafer shoes. The coverage of a loafer makes it perfect for spring while still being useful in colder weather. Low-heeled boots and simple black heels are popular for spring. These pieces can take an outfit that is usually worn in winter and make it look more aligned with spring fashion.

Clothing is expensive, and when an outfit doesn’t fit, look or feel correct it can weigh on a person’s mood. Spring can be a tricky time to create a look when the drag of winter is still in the air. These transitional pieces work for both seasons and most styles.

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