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UNW students help out at Super Bowl

group photo in football dome

Super Bowl Sunday is always a very important day in America, but it was even more important in Minnesota this year. The Super Bowl took place Feb. 4 in Minneapolis at US Bank Stadium. Nearly 1 million people attended the 10 days of Super Bowl events. About a quarter of the people who attended came from out of town and from around 100 different countries. When there are this many people who are going to be attending an event there needs to be some help. For the big game in Minneapolis, thousands of people signed up to be volunteers. Countless people applied and many were turned down. For many students at the University of Northwestern St. Paul, this wasn’t the case. Around 60 students had the opportunity to volunteer for various events including Super Bowl live, skyway host, ticket takers and security. Many of these students were even able to attend some of the game.

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UNW Music students take on Concerto-Aria Competition

group of students with instruments

On Feb. 10, eleven University of Northwestern – St. Paul students participated in the Concerto-Aria Competition in Nazareth Chapel. The competition’s two winners, Corrin Lee in the vocal category and Bowen Liu in the instrumental category, will perform as featured guests with the UNW Orchestra this May. Abigail Valine, who competed in the instrumental category, also received an honorable mention at the competition. The adjudicators for the competition were Michael Kim, Director of the School of Music at the University of Minnesota; Elsa Nilsson, professional violinist; and opera singer Adriana Zabala.

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Memory Comes Alive in ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’

Four girls arguing

Memory is a peculiar thing. It persists in our brains against all odds. It lets us remember all the highs and lows of childhood and every step along the way. This idea is what unifies the story of Irish playwright Brian Friel’s play “Dancing at Lughnasa.” Set in the summer of 1936 in Northern Ireland, the play tells the story of five sisters (Kate, Agnes, Maggie, Rose, and Chris) struggling to make ends meet and find joy in life. Their brother, Jack, has recently returned from missionary work in Uganda and suffers from malaria. The play is narrated by Chris’ son, Michael, as he recalls the events of that summer many years later. The sisters are visited by Michael’s father, Gerry, on several occasions throughout.

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