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The Remnant localizes the love of music

Recently senior Music Director and Remnant worker Ben Carlson decided to change things up by choosing not just to broadcast famous artists but also to highlight Northwestern students, alumni and various local artists around the area. Unlike UNW’s other popular radio station 98.5 KTIS, The Remnant will be featuring musicians who are new to the music scene and attempting to get their music out to reach a larger audience. The concept of featuring lesser-known artists on air is very rare in our mainstream-oriented society today. Most radio stations will not feature lesser-known artists because it is a risk for the station. If the listeners don’t enjoy the newer artists, then the station is held liable for the resulting loss.

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Abeler’s “Spontaneity” video wins Cengage scholarship

Junior Matthew Abeler, a second-year Electronic Media Communications major, recently won the grand prize of a $1000 scholarship for his video submission to a short film contest. The contest, which took place mid-May, was promoted through an education-based company called Cengage Learning, which works with students and teachers and focuses on engagement as the foundation of learning.

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Traces of positive Christian themes and coherent plot line vanish in ‘Left Behind’ remake

Left Behind is not a “Christian movie,” what ever that title means. With it’s scornful portrayal of Christians as nut jobs who happen to be correct about a supernatural event, this film does not show Christianity in a kind light.

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Top ten web links: May 10

Relax this Finals Week by enjoying cute animal videos, political humor and wedding vows being sung.

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Pfister attempts greatness but misses the mark with ‘Transcendence’

The strong cinematography in this film does not make up for the lack of character development.

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