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New dorm creates space for student body to grow

Overall, students seem to be enjoying their new dorm. The added residential space is helpful to the campus as a whole and will give the student body a space to grow.

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Changes to Core Curriculum Bring New Courses

Four new courses were introduced this fall in conjunction with a revised core curriculum for students entering the traditional undergraduate program – Spiritual Formation, Progress of Redemption, Christianity and Culture and Historical Theology.

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Dorms re-named

This summer President Alan Cureton along with the Advancement Committee and the Board of Trustees decided it would be prime time to give unnamed buildings real names. After months of nominations, review and reflection, the Board of Trustees decided upon the individuals who would be recognized with a building named in their honor.

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A Letter from the Editors: New Year, New Paper

Combining the best ideas of past journalists with fresh vision, we’re excited to introduce this new publication to the student body and faculty. With the college becoming a university, it was an appropriate time to take the newspaper in a different direction.

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Northwestern splits into four colleges

After much deliberation, prayer and research, UNW created its four colleges on Aug. 1 of 2014: The College of Arts & Humanities, the College of Behavioral and Natural Sciences, the College of Professional Studies and the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. Each division is an umbrella for numerous departments.

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